Gift Card - 3-hour Beginners Group Class

Gift card for 3-hour beginners group class. 

3-hour beginners group photography class for up to 6 students. 

Class Description:
This 3 hour hands-on workshop will give you the keys to unlocking the "exposure triangle" – aperture, shutter speed and ISO – the basic elements for every photograph. This is the perfect place to finally let go of the "auto" setting on your camera and start enjoying the artistic, eye-capturing pictures composed by the professionals. Taught outdoors in a fun and engaging environment, there are only 6 students per class, ensuring ample personal guidance and practice time. You will see some of the instructor's professional portfolio and then immediately grasp the technique used as it is explained in a simple and straightforward manner. You will go home with course materials, your own example photos in your own camera and a whole new understanding of your camera's dials, buttons and settings. You already take good photos; this class will make them better.
199 USD